That’s Who She Is

There are infinite words and infinite ways in which we fail to describe ourselves. At most we use terms that are known, common; phrases that unite us to a group or a community to foster an immediate sense of kinship or understanding. Words like:

woman, sister, Korean-American, minority, pupil, teacher, friend, Christian, dreamer, broken, human

We may be all of the above, and so much more. Perhaps our identity is formed not so much by this sense of belonging to a wider group, but rather through isolation by nature of our stories and experiences. However we come to find ourselves I believe we can safely say that we are neither easy to define nor constant with time.

And therein lies the beauty of living a life of pursuit. Pursuing the things that we can see, and more importantly, the things we cannot. Some of these pursuits may be grandiose capers worthy of chapters and pages, others need only a word or two to capture the treasure in the mundane. So be it one way or the other, or all ways in between, I know only this: that 1) the object of pursuit is only as beautiful as the journey itself, and 2) how little I know about myself.

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I am also the founder of That’s What She – a storytelling platform for truth, authenticity, and community to share, navigate, and celebrate the vicissitudes of life. Join the journey and share your story at


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