fear of the unknown

I'm coming to learn more and more that what we truly fear is the unknown. The uncertainty of the future, the endless speculation down millions of paths, the drowning cacophony of worry and anxiety about what comes next...these are the catalysts that drive terror and fear. We simply don't know how to prepare for the… Continue reading fear of the unknown


What do you do on the eve before a major decision is made, one that could potentially alter the course of your life for the foreseeable future? How do you comprehend the gravity of that situation? How do you exist in a semi-purgatory where one hour determines your fate?  You do as Jesus did. You… Continue reading eve


Sometimes it feels like the last couple of years have been a surreal, out-of-body experience meant more for observation than participation. But the events that unfolded were my own, my life story shifting with the quakes and constant tempests that have characterized this season. And now, it feels like the chapter is starting to close… Continue reading light