finding god in the numbers

Sometimes it seems as if God shows up in the least expected moments or circumstances. But maybe it's more the case that God is everywhere and we are merely explorers stumbling upon glittering treasures.  Growing up, when my friends were turning sixteen, we heard stories of kids getting cars or huge parties with swimming pools,… Continue reading finding god in the numbers

happy birthday

I recently celebrated my birthday and nothing reminded me more of encroaching mortality than junk mail full of well wishes pimping eye cream, 401Ks, and yoga. But as friends gathered over delicious dishes and glasses of wine, I took a moment to soak in a moment spent with friends, some who had walked beside me… Continue reading happy birthday

book review: the alchemist

The greatest books are the ones that grow with you - the ones that are disarmingly accessible at first read and then become exponentially more challenging over time. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho may set the paradigm with a simple premise that packs the most intricate punches on every page. Centered around Santiago, a young… Continue reading book review: the alchemist

beauty in the eye of the beholder

I was never lauded for my physical appearance. I grew up taller than the average Asian woman (and man for that matter), cycling through degrees of unflattering bowl cuts, baby fat, and acne that persisted long past the point of being called endearing. I was a tomboy who loved running through the streets and falling… Continue reading beauty in the eye of the beholder

no means no

I am not the type to wax poetic on these kinds of situations, but if it can help educate then I will gladly share my harrowing ride sharing experience. Yesterday early evening I was the sole passenger in a car on the way to a friend’s. The driver, an older male, and I exchanged customary… Continue reading no means no

the genesis of an idea

How does anything in the world get started? Simply, it takes an idea plus execution. Of course the gap between idea and execution can be wider than the Ganges, which is why the majority of our ideas never make it off the cutting room floor. If you're like me then you may be guilty of… Continue reading the genesis of an idea