Walking in Joy

That’s What She is honored to publish a wonderful narrative by Tanara McCauley on walking the path of life even when the road seems dark ahead. Back when my husband Jon and I were dating, a coworker asked me the following question: If you could get away from the crowds, take a long walk through nature, and choose… Continue reading Walking in Joy

finding god in the numbers

Sometimes it seems as if God shows up in the least expected moments or circumstances. But maybe it's more the case that God is everywhere and we are merely explorers stumbling upon glittering treasures.  Growing up, when my friends were turning sixteen, we heard stories of kids getting cars or huge parties with swimming pools,… Continue reading finding god in the numbers

happy birthday

I recently celebrated my birthday and nothing reminded me more of encroaching mortality than junk mail full of well wishes pimping eye cream, 401Ks, and yoga. But as friends gathered over delicious dishes and glasses of wine, I took a moment to soak in a moment spent with friends, some who had walked beside me… Continue reading happy birthday


One of the joys and privileges of starting That's What She has been the opportunity to showcase writings and insights from amazingly talented women, particularly minorities and women of color. 'Reclaimed' is by the fabulous Tanara McCauley whose writing never fails to inspire. There was once a young girl who imagined she was adopted. Though she… Continue reading Reclaimed

what does the cross mean to you?

As we enter the Easter month, it’s a special opportunity to consider the significance of the gospel in both a universal and personal sense. Upon reflecting on Jesus’ crucifixion and his resurrection we are necessarily confronted with the very question and principle of the Christian faith. The crucifixion, undisputed in its historicity, represents more than… Continue reading what does the cross mean to you?